US Bank Launches GO Career Program

One of Owensboro’s largest employers, US Bank Home Mortgage, announced an inaugural cohort to participate in the GO Career program modeled from a program introduced by Toyota for students in manufacturing.

The Toyota concept is work and learn and is employer led.  The employer sponsors students who learn a trade and earn a degree in 18 months.  Owensboro’s chapter, GO FAME, is a part of the KY FAME (Kentucky Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education) program modeled off Toyota’s training program.  Owensboro Community and Technical College, regional employers and the Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation partnered and began developing the GO Fame chapter that focused on an 18-month Advanced Manufacturing Technician track and has now grown to include 22 employers sponsoring students. 

US Bank has taken it a step further with a 3-phase plan initiated under Go Careers to include finance. The company is sponsoring 20 current employees and will grow into implementing two more phases that will offer the GO Career model to those interested in being employed with US Bank  and phase three to  those in high schools interested in the program.

US Bank has taken the lead in their sector in taking control of their workforce pipeline and initiating GO Career just as the 22 regional manufacturing employers have in participating in GO Fame.  This type of workforce building benefits the company and the community.