October 2017 is Manufacturing Month

October is manufacturing month and October 6 is deemed Manufacturing Day.  In 2012, MFG DAY was created by Founding Partner Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, International.  MFG DAY has incrementally enjoyed more support since then, aligning organizations with similar missions to cause positive change in the public perception of modern manufacturing.  The day is not only meant to change perception but also to bring awareness of the careers and living wage manufacturing jobs offer.  Manufacturing is not what it used to be. The manufacturing environment in a facility is much cleaner than the past and there is more automation.

 In October, we will feature an article on one of our community’s manufacturing companies. We hope this brings awareness of the many companies present in the community and gives insight into what they have to offer potential hires. All through October, there will be coordinated activities to celebrate.  With the day proclaimed a national celebration of our country’s manufacturers, Kentucky celebrates the whole month.  There will be student/parent tours, tours with elected officials, as well as other activities planned.

With workforce issues so prominent for many sectors, it is important to keep the manufacturing sector viable within the United States and our region. For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing, another $1.81 is added to the economy. (Nam.org)

In 2008, Census.Gov reported for the Owensboro metro 137 manufacturing establishments with annual payroll (1,000) of $458,075.  In 2012, the number of establishments was 125 with annual payroll (1,000) of $383,106 and in 2015, the number of establishments was122 with annual payroll (1,000) of $500,533.

Check back daily to learn more about the company that will be will be featured.