KFB Offices Provide Free Wifi to Community

Kentucky Farm Bureau (KFB) offices across the state are helping provide free internet access for their communities. All local offices will be offering free WiFi access points from the parking lots between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. every day.

Kentucky Farm Bureau Agency Manager, Gavin Roberts stated that people do not have to be KFB members to utilize the service. “It’s a small thing we as a company can do for our citizens of Kentucky,” he said. “We are a rural state and there are rural areas in Daviess County that don’t have internet access. We want to give everyone the same opportunities.”

There is a great need for students to have internet service with school recently starting back, but the service is also beneficial for the average working person.The employees of offices that are currently closed but still working from home, as well as students who are learning virtually that don’t have internet access can go to a Farm Bureau office and complete their work.

To help guests recognize that free WiFi is available, KFB offices will have a window decal and temporary signage.

Daviess County KFB offices include:

  • 3036 W. Parrish Avenue (Regional Office)
  • 2645 Frederica Street
  • 3329 Wathens Crossing
  • 3230 Kidron Valley Way
  • 4600 KY 144