Southern Star Gas Pipeline

Jerry Morris, president and chief executive officer for Southern Star says “We’ve found Owensboro to be a good location for our corporate headquarters. This community provides a great quality of life for our employees. From Owensboro, we are able to provide effective support to our Midwest-based customers and employees. We’re proud to provide so many professional-level positions for the community and excited about adding to those numbers.”

US Bank Home Mortgage

“We are excited about expanding our national mortgage center here,” said Dan Prather, senior vice president at U.S. Bank Home Mortgage. “It says a lot about the quality of the work force, the strong work ethic and the importance of the Owensboro market for U.S. Bank going forward. Owensboro is a key business center within our company and we look forward to our continued growth.”

Swedish Match North America, Pinkerton Tobacco

“The reinvestment underscores our ongoing commitment to the Owensboro community and the state of Kentucky,” said Richard Woodham, vice president of operations for U.S. based Pinkerton Tobacco Company. “It also supports the goal of Pinkerton Tobacco to have one of the most modern and efficient manufacturing facilities in the United States.”