Top 7 Products Made in Owensboro, Kentucky

Do you ever wonder what your hometown is known for? Owensboro, Kentucky stands out as a leading source of production for popular products including some big names you’ve probably heard of.

Manufacturers and distributors planning to begin business or relocate should consider settling in Owensboro where local government officials are eager and ready to help and support their local businesses. In fact, these 7 brands currently make their products in Owensboro.


Did you know that every single jar of the popular pasta sauce brand RAGÚ in the nation is made in Owensboro? Mizkan acquired RAGÚ in 2014, and the RAGÚ sauce-making and distribution facility is located in Owensboro. Right now, Owensboro is the only place where RAGÚ and Bertolli sauces are made in the U.S. Every year, Mitzkan makes and ships 410 million jars of RAGÚ and Bertolli spaghetti sauce from their Owensboro facility.  

2. Bradshaw Bourbon 

Terry Bradshaw’s straight bourbon is produced at Green River Distilling Co. right here in Owensboro. Bradshaw Bourbon is known for its original taste with notes of banana, vanilla, toffee, campfire, and leather for the nose; coconut, cinnamon, baking spice, and vanilla for the palate; plus a butterscotch, vanilla, and wood finish.

According to an article from, Green River Distillery scores fourth on the list of largest independent bourbon distilleries in the U.S. Green River Distilling Co. is part of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. You can get a taste of their bourbon during one of their tours.

3. Daran® Barrier Emulsions

The Milliken chemical manufacturing facility in Owensboro produces latex polymers for various uses. The plant makes Daran® Barrier Emulsions as a packing solution for sauce portion control cups to keep out odors, moisture vapor, and oxygen. Daran® Barrier Emulsions ensure that sauces stay fresh and don’t spoil.  


4. Toyotetsu Mid America (TTMA) Auto Parts

This Owensboro-based stamping and welding automotive facility contains 8 large stamping presses and more than 225 robots producing parts for vehicles. Every day, they process more than 660,000 pounds of steel products. 

TTMA is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality parts in the automotive industry with the utmost attention to detail. The LLC has been flourishing in Owensboro since 2001. 

5. Metalsa Auto Parts

Metalsa is another automotive facility producing car parts in Owensboro. The Metalsa plant in Owensboro is responsible for making all Jeep Gladiator truck structural frames. The frames are then shipped by rail to Toledo, Ohio from the Owensboro Riverport.


6. Swedish Match

Swedish Match produces smoke-free products such as ZYN nicotine pouches and chewing tobacco. The ZYN product line, the largest brand of nicotine pouches in the United States, is only produced in Owensboro. In 2021, 173.9 million cans of ZYN were shipped in the U.S.


7. Kentucky Legend Ham

Based in Owensboro, Specialty Foods Group produces big-name brand and private-label processed meat products. Their brands include Kentucky Legend, Field, Fischer’s, Scott Pete, Kentuckian Gold, and Mickelberry’s.

One of the most popular products Specialty Foods Group makes is Kentucky Legend ham, a highly sought-after boneless ham in the U.S. They also make turkey, bacon, hot dogs, sausage, and lunch meat.

There are a lot more where those came from. If you’re interested in starting your business in Owensboro, be sure to check out our Guide to Doing Business!