Shop Local: Holiday Edition

The holiday season is in full swing which means shopping – lots and lots of shopping. While online shopping can be convenient, especially during these challenging times, we must remember the benefits of shopping local and contributing to our community is much more rewarding. Here are a few reasons why.

Shopping local helps grow the community’s economy. Instead of taking your money to a chain store, think about how beneficial it would be to invest in your local economy and help support a small business owner’s family, especially around the holidays.

Shopping local boosts job growth. When you shop local, you create job stability for current working individuals in the community, as well as continuously open the door for more local hiring opportunities. Having a reliable job that is close to home is definitely something to celebrate and be thankful for this holiday season.

Shopping local gives local artists and vendors exposure. Our community is full of incredibly talented artists. Shopping with these individuals gives them the exposure and funding they need to continuously grow their business. Another added bonus of shopping with local craftspeople is the ability to give custom-made, personalized items during the holidays that provide that extra special feeling of a unique gift that can’t be found anywhere else!

Put your money where your heart is. We live in a community full of talented entrepreneurs that need our support, not only during the holiday season or a global pandemic, but always. Help grow the community by shopping local and give hard-working business owners in Owensboro the opportunity to thrive. Many local establishments offer options such as delivery, curbside pick-up, and online ordering and shipping. Therefore, even during these strict protocols with COVID-19, we are still able to keep our money close to home.


Happy shopping, Owensboro!