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Owensboro is an All-America City

Located on the Ohio River in northwest Kentucky. The region is a community of human resource dedicated to accomplishing big things. By building an environment of fostering new business creation and growth, success has been seen in research and cutting edge technologies. The region is a unique place that is made up of skilled people who work with pride and precision and are dedicated to quality of life and work.

The Owensboro MSA (Daviess, Hancock and McLean Counties) is part of the Green River Area Development District and is fortunate to have excellent access to the best riverfront and industrial properties in the state. Our partnerships with surrounding communities, north and south of the Ohio River, have allowed for capitalization on the strengths of our region.

Coal mining and agriculture have played a large role in the history of our County that is a part of the Western Coal Fields region of the state. Agricultural production, another facet of our rich history, includes corn, soybeans, and tobacco. Along with the corn production came the distilling of spirits, chiefly Kentucky bourbon. During the 19th century there were 18 distilleries in Daviess County. The community’s rich history has led us to a diverse existence with food, metal and biotechnology manufacturing, and distribution.

Owensboro is full of charm, history and Southern lifestyle. Festivals abound in our area all year offering unique visitor experiences. Bluegrass music and Daviess County barbecue are the centerpieces of our tourism industry.