Return on Investing

Investment in Economic Development Pays Off

Return On Investment2012-20132013-20142014-20152015-2016
Private Investment supporting EDC
operations through the Investment 2020 program
Public Investment supporting EDC
operations from local governments
Direct business investment in the
region from firms assisted by the EDC
$39.9 million$434.3 million$55.2 million$52,205,813

Investment in the EDC …

  • Puts your firm at the table with key decision makers.
  • Gives your firm representation and input on key strategic issues on a local, state, and national level.
  • Opens doors and allows your firm to network and communicate with key contracts.
  • Contributes directly to the economic growth of the region.

Every dollar spent in support of the EDC translates to $118 in new business investment in the local economy.

Investment 2020

Executive Trustee level is an annual investment of $10,000

Executive Trustees are members of the EDC Board of Directors for as long as they make an investment at an annual trustee-level.


Trustee level is an annual investment of $6,000

Rotating trustees hold a three-year term on the EDC Board of Directors.


Investor level is an annual investment of $2,500

Investors are invited to attend CEO Roundtables and bi-annual EDC general meetings to participate in economic development information sharing activities.