OBKY Local Look – Hollison

The team at Hollison is extremely innovative and has continuously focused on developing and providing improved food safety sampling solutions since the inception of Hollison in 2005. This video describes the advancements of Hollison over the years, along with how they have adapted their equipment in response to COVID-19.

OBKY Local Look – Glenmore Distillery

The Glenmore Distillery prides itself as one of the largest and most modern bottling facility in the country and continues to be a sizable employeer in Owensboro, Kentucky. Currently, The Glenmore Distillery has about 440 employees which include both full-time and part-time positions. This video features The Glenmore Distillery, located in Owensboro, KY for just…

OBKY Local Look – Southern Star

Southern Star is a leading transporter of natural gas to America’s heartland, with approximately 5,800 miles of natural gas transmission pipeline in the Midwest and Mid-Continent regions of the United States.  This video features Southern Star with headquarter operations in Owensboro, Kentucky.

OBKY Local Look – OMICO Plastics Inc

OMICO Plastics has spent more than 50 years in Owensboro, KY creating blow molded plastic products for various industries such as automotive, toy and appliance manufacturers.