Workforce Training

An educated workforce is the key to a strong economy. And the Owensboro region offers companies a workforce that’s dedicated, skilled and well prepared to bring innovation and productivity to the job.

The Owensboro region works with many partners to build a prepared workforce.  The three school systems and area colleges and universities help prepare our talented young folks to be recruited into our workforce.  We strive to keep our talent local.  Workforce training initiatives and programs help us do that.

With the innovative educational initiatives that our high schools are building through programs such as the Early College Academy where students graduate from high school with a diploma and an associate degree, the Innovation Academy which is a part of the New Tech Network where students focus on project-based and hands-on learning.  It is strategically located in a start up incubation facility where the students can interact with the start ups for shadowing experience.  And then there is the Community Campus that is a partnership with regional school districts and colleges to provide students with early college/career training in high demand jobs. There are four academies within the community campus Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These programs are building the talents of our young elementary and high school students so that they are prepared to enter our exceptional workforce.

Other partnerships include involvement with our existing businesses to build the current workforce and further the talents or our community members.  The GOFAME initiative is a business driven apprenticeship where students work half time with the sponsoring  business and go to school half time to earn a two year degree.

With these programs and others that are building our communities talents, how could we not offer an exceptional workforce to a locating businesses?

Workforce Solutions

The Owensboro Community and Technical College enrolls over 6,000 students at four campuses in the region. In addition, through its Workforce Solutions program, OCTC provides anytime, anyplace customized training and support services for business and industry. The expert staff works with companies to design training programs to meet their specific needs through their Workforce Solutions. The KCTCS-TRAINS Funding program helps offset training costs to employers.

Community Campus

A partnership between four regional school districts, the Owensboro Community and Technical College, economic development leaders, and area businesses created an innovative high school reform model consisting of five workforce-aligned academies utilizing the community as the campus. The five workforce academies are in Health and Life Sciences; Construction, Trades and Energy; Science, Technology and Engineering; Business and Entrepreneurship; and the Arts.


GOFAME is the Greater Owensboro Chapter of KY FAME (Kentucky Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education), is an Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) program adopted from Toyota’s nationally recognized training program. The AMT allows participating students to earn an industry recognized, multi-craft technician degree while gaining valuable experience working in a manufacturing company.  Interested students can submit an application.

Work Ready Region

Daviess County was one of the first counties in Kentucky to be certified as a Work Ready Community. The certification, granted by the Kentucky Workforce Investment Board (K-WIB) assures employers that the regional workforce has the talent and skills necessary to staff existing jobs and to master the innovative technologies that new jobs will require.