Advantage Kentucky Alliance

Advantage Kentucky Alliance (AKA) is a statewide, not-for-profit partnership who provides assistance and training to help manufacturers of all sizes grow and improve. AKA is the affiliate of the U.S. Department of Commerce NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Program for the State of Kentucky.

The AKA team is Kentucky’s trusted adviser and go-to resource for expertise in manufacturing consulting, training, coaching, hands-on implementation and continuing support.

In the past year AKA has increased and retained sales at Kentucky Manufacturers by $52.3 million, created over 1,687 jobs in the state of Kentucky, and has helped Kentucky Manufacturers cut costs to the tune of $10.7 million. For every $1 spent by Kentucky companies on AKA services, $148.00 was obtained in benefits! The total dollar impact on Kentucky Manufacturers for the past year is $76.5 million.

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AKA Programs & Services

Leadership Development

AKA trains and develops leaders in your company to increase productivity, retain employees, implement effective team communication and make informed business decisions.

Continuous Improvement

AKA helps identify and eliminate wasteful processes in your company. Teaching “learning by doing” techniques will cut costs and increase efficiency.


AKA ensures your company products are consistent. AKA provides the tools your business needs to understand quality for and obtain accreditation of ISO certification for your specific industry.


AKA facilitates workplace safety training to keep your company compliant with varied safety regulations.

Business Development

AKA creates growth and greater profitability for your company by assisting in the discovery of new customers, developing new products, entering new markets and applying new internal procedures.