Antoine Smith-Rouse is a Workforce Solutions Success Coach at the Owensboro Community & Technical College. Take a look as he describes how Owensboro has succeeded his expectations!

Antoine Smith-Rouse

What is your favorite thing about living in Owensboro? 

The people! I feel like this is everyone’s go-to answer when speaking about their town, but this is honestly true. I moved to Owensboro by myself knowing absolutely no one or anything about this town. The only thing I knew was the proper way to say Frederica Street, because a friend of mine that used to live here told me that was an important thing to learn. Once I moved here, I was welcomed with open arms by everyone I came in contact with; from Friday After 5 events to all of the people at the local downtown shops.

Are you originally from Owensboro? If not, when did you move to Owensboro? Why did you move here? 

I am not originally from Owensboro. I have lived many places including Chicago, Indianapolis, Seattle, Anchorage, and Eastern KY. I moved to Owensboro for work with very little notice. My first time here was in the U-Haul.

What would you say to someone thinking about moving to Owensboro? 

It may sound cliché, but I would say “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Honestly, I would have probably never “chose” to live in Owensboro as I had never heard of it prior to moving here, but after moving here I realized there truly is something for everyone. Regardless if you value small town life or want more of a bigger city feel – Owensboro really does have it all.

What has been the biggest surprise about Owensboro to you? 

The biggest surprise about living in Owensboro has been the accessibility to the rest of the state/world. We are within driving distance to some many great things! Did you know that you can drive to Amherstburg (a town in Ontario, Canada) in just about 8 hours from Owensboro? In addition to driving, we have an AMAZING airport that can fly you to St. Louis, Missouri in under 90 minutes. I feel as if the possibilities while living in Owensboro are endless.

How do you enjoy spending your free time/weekends in Owensboro?

I have 5 children so what free time? All jokes aside, our community does have something for everyone! We recently took our children to the Science Museum for the first-time and I was amazed at all of the activities we could do for only 5 dollars. My husband and I also love to go to Escape Today in Owensboro to participate in the escape rooms and axe throwing.