GOEDC In Motion Q2

The GOEDC has received a great deal of continued support from our investors, and we like to keep them informed of what we are working on during the year.  Quarterly reports are sent out to our investors, partners and supporters.  In case you missed it, you can view it here.

Highlights from this quarter’s report include Swedish Match’s $100M expansion, 42 visits to business and industries, and work with 14 active projects.  We also want to promote the GOFAME program as there are 10 students being sponsored in the new Fall AMT cohort and 10 students yet to be sponsored.  Talk to any of the companies who have sponsored a student in the AMT or CMM program, they are among some of the best talent to graduate from these programs.  If your company is interested in building a talent pool, consider sponsoring a student in the cohort to begin this Fall.  Give us a call! 270-926-4339.

Download GOEDC In Motion Quarter 2 Newsletter

Finally, we feature an OBKY Local Look video of a local company. This quarter’s featured company is Toyotetsu MidAmerica.  They are located in the MidAmerica Airpark, the industrial park located off Carter Road and adjacent to our airport.  If you are curious about the companies in the park, take a cruise around Airpark Drive.  Look inside TTMA and learn more about the steel products they produce for the auto industry.