GOEDC Participates in KAED Fall Forum

Last week, GOEDC team members Sidney Riney and Elizabeth Griffith had the pleasure of attending the Annual Kentucky Association for Economic Development (KAED) fall forum in Ashland, Kentucky. As the world mitigates a global pandemic, Kentucky economic developers have had to reach deep within our collective resolve to emerge with strategies to address COVID-19 and to protect our existing industries. We have also been forced to innovate to assure that our Commonwealth remains competitively positioned to seize upon new opportunities post-COVID-19.

Each year we meet with partners at the Kentucky Economic Forum with those responsible for job creation, for retaining existing industry, for inspiring innovation, and for preparing Kentucky’s workforce for success. Together, our group strives to assure that we thrive in the Commonwealth. It is beneficial to discover key Kentucky leaders plans for economic growth and the KAED resources available to accelerate economic development in the Commonwealth. We are excited to seize new opportunities and are looking forward to Kentucky’s bright future.