Hollison Joins Fight Against COVID-19

Owensboro-based Hollison, founded in 2005 is a high-tech food safety company focused on the detection of and protection from pathogens in pet and human food, food sources and their environments.

Most recently Hollison has been generating a food safety bioaerosol sampler — the DuraSampler — that detects pathogens during food production.

With the coronavirus pandemic making companies especially vigilant to try to stop infections, Hollison has adapted it to detect COVID-19 in high-risk areas.

Christopher Thorn, vice president of Brand Management for the company, said the equipment, which is about the size of a small suitcase – collects air samples in distilled water. The equipment doesn’t eliminate the viruses, but it tells those using it if the coronavirus is present.

The World Health Organization says that COVID-19 can stay in the air for up to three hours, therefore the air needs to be tested frequently. “Each device can check spaces the size of an emergency room,” Thorn said.

Christopher Thorn also stated that Hollison has demonstrated the equipment for officials at both Owensboro Health Regional Hospital and Deaconess Hospital and both organizations are considering using it.

Hollison has eight samplers ready to ship and can manufacture 15 more within two weeks. Companies interested can call Christopher Thorn at 812-568-2118.