How It’s Made: Unique Granite & Marble

Unique Granite & Marble has been building custom granite and quartz countertops for many years; however, the roots of the business run far deeper. Rick Thomas, the founder of Unique Granite & Marble founded ‘Rick Thomas Custom Building’ in 1991 and quickly earned a reputation as the premier home building company in the Owensboro area. Thomas’ company did concrete, framing, tile, trim work, and even built custom cabinets for each home. Thomas’ stated that he employed some of the most talented craftsmen in the region, many of whom still work for Unique Granite & Marble today.

As granite and marble became more affordable in the late 1990s and early 2000s Thomas’ team began to install stone in many homes. As homebuilders, they would cringe when customers wanted to put granite in their home – only because there was no local source for granite. Many customers would have to travel two to three hours to select their stone and find a fabricator. The granite would often arrive on the job site weeks late and with subpar results. In early 2002, Rick Thomas made a hefty investment in granite tools and decided to fabricate granite for future homes. 

Soon, they were fabricating stone for other area builders and cabinet makers. Before long, they were ready to make the move from custom home building to full-time custom-countertop fabrication. Unique Granite & Marble formed in 2004 with the help of family, friends, and coworkers. The company has risen from humble beginnings to become the area’s largest fabricator of custom stone countertops. As a company they have embraced technology to deliver outstanding quality. Unique Granite & Marble also features the largest fabricator-owned slab yard in the region. 

Check out this video to see Unique Granite & Marble in action!