The community of Owensboro takes pride in the safe streets filled with friendly neighbors. One of our many wonderful residents, Mario Vizuet, a Relationship Banker at Old National Bank explains why Owensboro is a great place to raise a family! 


Mario Vizuet 


Are you originally from Owensboro? If not, when did you move to Owensboro? Why did you move here?


I was originally born in Mexico and grew up in Texas. After graduating from Texas A&M, my fiancée and I moved to Chicago. After getting married and spending a year in the big city, we decided we were ready for a smaller town feel and Owensboro was an easy transition for us. The cost of living (especially in comparison to the bigger cities we’d lived in) is great and we love how family-oriented Owensboro is. 


What is your favorite thing about living in Owensboro?


I really appreciate the quality of life here. The community here is really full of people that care and want to see the city grow and do better. This is the perfect place to raise a family and it’s nice that we’re within 1-2 hours of larger cities.


What would you say to someone thinking about moving to Owensboro?

Do it! There’s so much opportunity for growth. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a really big city and like you can’t find your place, but I really feel like programs such as Leadership Owensboro and Chamber Young Professionals (CYP) do a great job of connecting people. The resources are definitely more readily available than any other city that I’ve lived.  


What has been the biggest surprise about Owensboro to you?


The biggest surprise is definitely the support I’ve felt from the community. I feel like I’ve made actual, genuine relationships with community leaders, co-workers and fellow chamber-members. We all cheer on each other’s successes and pull together to show support however we can. 


How do you enjoy spending your free time/weekends in Owensboro?


After work and weekends are all about spending time with family. We go to Smothers Park and walk around downtown almost any chance we get. I also really enjoy eating out and love that Owensboro has such a variety of restaurants. There are always community events going on (the BBQ Fest, ROMP, Apple Fest, Friday After 5…) that my family and I love attending.