Dahl & Groezinger Featured In Owensboro Living Magazine

Dahl & Groezinger, a 5th generation business, is Kentucky’s oldest family-owned scrap iron and metal processor. Today John and Drew Kirkland, along with their cousin Will Helwig, run the day-to-day operations. All three gentleman are great-grandsons of founder George Groezinger, who started the business in 1885.

In the article, Drew Kirkland explains that Owensboro is a great location for a steel processing scrap yard because there are several foundries close by. He also shares how changing with the times and seizing new opportunities have continually increased business for Dohl & Groezinger over the years.

Along with acquiring more land over the years to expand their business, the trio has upgraded their equipment. This allows them to store and process large amounts of scrap, like old barges for example. They have found that accepting new items has opened new avenues for them, as well as having the vision to adjust and change when new opportunities arise.


Dahl & Groezinger buys scrap from their customers, processes it here in Owensboro, and then ships it to the foundry, where the metal is melted down to make new products!

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