Essential Skills Program Offer Advantage To Employers

The Workplace Essential Skills Certification for high school seniors help employers identify high school graduates who have dedicated time and effort to preparing to enter the workforce. Junior Achievement and Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation have partnered with high schools in the area to contribute to the development of soft skills within students and future employees.

The Workplace Essential Skills program is one program that supports Daviess County becoming a certified Work Ready Community.  This designation measures the community’s workforce quality and competitiveness.  The Work Ready designation requires communities to meet criteria including high school graduation rates, National Career Readiness Certificate holders, community commitment, educational attainment, soft skills and Internet availability.

To attain the Workplace Essential Skills certificate, the student must meet all of the below criteria:

  • Completion of the Junior Achievement Career Success program (topics include: workplace responsibilities, effective speaking and listening skills, problem solving, interviewing techniques and resume preparation)
  • No more than two unexcused absences
  • No more than two unexcused tardies
  • No discipline referrals for fighting, vandalism, theft, or possession of firearms or illegal substances
  • Unweighted grade point average of at least 2.5 with no failures
  • Involvement in at least 2 co-curricular activities, which may include part-time employment and/or community volunteer projects

Students will benefit from this certificate by having an advantage when seeking local employment. Local employers will benefit by having access to a program that will identify potential employees who have demonstrated good attendance and a strong work ethic. Also, the Workplace Essential Skills Certification program will provide employers with an applicant pool of potential personnel who possess skills that have prepared them for success.

Any company may participate by stating specifically what they are able to offer by completing the Workplace Essential Skills Certification Agreement Form. Download the form and return via email to