Kenergy and Big Rivers Electric Supports OCTC’s Initiative to Provide Solar Charging

Owensboro Community & Technical College (OCTC) has announced a partnership with Kenergy and Big Rivers Electric corporations to support the college initiative to provide solar charging in outside locations on the main campus.

Students utilize laptops and mobile devices to attend class and complete assignments daily, but keeping technology charged while maintaining a busy schedule is a challenge.

“We see students looking for plug-ins and borrowing chargers,” said OCTC President Scott Williams. “We have some internal charging stations, but we really want to allow students to access the network while enjoying our beautiful campus. These solar charging stations will fill that need, look great, and be kind to the environment.”

The project investment was $20,000 and will provide two solar charging stations, placed in the outdoor mall area on the main campus at 4800 New Hartford Rd. Each station is ADA compliant, self-sufficient and will provide charging connectivity for multiple devices that students will have free access to.