Entrepreneurs’ Day

August 21st is Entrepreneurs’ Day. This is to create awareness for entrepreneurship and celebrate the innovation and leadership in our communities. It takes a dedicated individual and great perseverance to start a business on one’s own. Owensboro is fortunate to have so many great entrepreneurs committed to our community. One we are highlighting today is Chelsea and her small staff at HorseFeathers in downtown Owensboro. Chelsea stared her business 11 years ago because of her passion for making beaded bracelets when she was a young girl. With the rapid growth of her online only business, she decided to expand to a brick-and-mortar. Check out HorseFeathers Gifts here.

We want to encourage those who have innovative ideas to follow their dreams and start a business. Whether it is preparing a plan to begin your business or lining up support through investors or mentoring, there are multiple resources to help you initiate or grow a business. Listed below are a few to get you started.

Preparing a Business Plan

Lining up Support